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Excellence in Guidance

We are a top-tier, full-service law firm with an unrivalled track record of assisting our clients in Turkish market, cross-border and outbound landmark transactions, with local and international participants alike, for 30 years.

Integrity, Commitment and Quality

Our long-running and extensive experience working on complex, cutting-edge legal transactions, as well as a collective sectoral and practical proficiency, provide our firm with a distinct advantage in the Turkish legal market. In preserving our continued success, we abide by a set of core values focused on excellence. We take pride in having established a legal team in constant pursuit of advancing our mission and consistently providing quality legal services to our clients.

Efficient Solutions with a
Business-Minded Approach

We are deeply committed to understanding our clients’ needs, from a legal as well as commercial perspective. We have a market-leading understanding and awareness of the legal, regulatory, political and economic environment in Turkey today. With fully staffed and equipped offices in Ankara and Istanbul, we are strategically positioned to undertake our services to our clients in the most effective and cost-efficient manner possible.
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Çakmak is one of the most respected top-tier law firms in Turkey with offices in İstanbul and Ankara

Since 1993, Çakmak has represented international and Turkish clients in a wide range of private and public transactions and endeavours. Having established practices in both Ankara and İstanbul, and with a detailed understanding of local law and international practice, Çakmak has the experience and the expertise to assist clients doing business in Turkey today.

We value all of our clients.

We are deeply committed to providing the highest level of legal service to each of our clients.



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